Friday, December 30, 2011

Far Out Flora Fling

Way back in the foggy days of summer I joined a gathering of plant geeks and freaks, hosted by Far Out Flora's Megan and Matti. It was excited to see their garden in person - a mostly succulent garden in San Francisco, about a block from Ocean Beach. Beautifully composed and well-tended, I love the bendy branches edging the beds, the pots nestled around and the combination of textures and colors.

bed edging

succulent beds

Some of the plant people; the hand-made palette table and some of Far Out Flora's excellent container specimens:

plant peepspallete tablekangaroo starebbq grill and succulents

Some of the succulent goodness:

texturesmore texturesfasciculated aeoniumoriginal wooly pocket

I love Megan and Matti's excellent eye for found object reuse:

radio flyer and succulentscollectionsskeletons and succulentsmystery object

groovy pots

planted tire rim

I really enjoyed my visit to Far Out Flora's wonderfully intricate garden. Thanks for hosting you two!