Sunday, May 16, 2010

Foliage Follow Up - May

I've always been a fan of Aeoniums. One of my favorite right now is Aeonium glandulosum. I've been growing it in a very well draining pot- talking holes in the sides, orchid kind of pot. Seems to suit this Aeonium fine, which naturally grows in cracks in rocks in the Canary Islands. The past two summers it has put up this tubular growth from the center, which eventually flattens out and "squashes" down the previous years leaves. This one is just getting started. I'll post pictures as it progresses. It hasn't bloomed for me yet. I imagine it will probably die after blooming so I'm happy with the mushrooming growth cycles.

aeonium glandulosa

Another Aeonium I don't think I could garden without is Aeonium undulatum. I've got quite a forest of them now. It's easy to break the rosettes off the lower parts and stick them in the soil to get new plants growing.

aeonium undulatum

Lophomyrtus 'Red Dragon' is looking very pretty right now. I have it in some shade so the foliage is more bronzy-green with metallic highlights. Looks great with silver foliaged plants.

lophomyrtus red dragon

My Musa 'Bordelon' is coming back. The little 5 gal. I had planted years ago had turned into a lovely grove of thick tree-sized banana trunks. In the winter we usually cut the leaves off because they get ratty but we leave the trunks so they can resprout as soon as it gets warm. This past winter I told my husband it was time to cut the bananas back and he got mixed up and just sawed all the trunks down to the ground. I was pretty bummed when I came home to see that. But they are coming back and will be big again soon. I really like this variety with the red undersides and red streaks in the leaves.

banana bordelon

I have the laziest Pistache in the world. In the Fall, it drops its leaves at least two months ahead off all the other Pistache trees in the same part of my garden and it takes at least a month longer to sprout leaves in the Spring. Lazy tree.

laziest pistache ever

I'm very happy with my Blackberry vine wall this year. It is covered in fruits. I have a totally useless part of my garden that is between my garage and the neighbor's garage that is 15' long and about 28" wide. I put up some trellises on the sunniest side and planted some blackberry vines. I tie them up once a year and they reward me with lots of yummy berries. At least I hope I get some this year, the kiddo ate pretty much all of them last year. I've never netted them before but I'm wondering if I should this year. The bumper crop might attract bird attention this year.

wall o' blackberries

Thank you to Pam over at Digging for hosting Foliage Follow Up Day!


  1. And thank YOU for such a pretty and stylish collection of foliage plants. I adore Aeonium but never see them here. I'm not familiar with the New Zealand myrtle (Lophomyrtus 'Red Dragon'), but wow, great coloring.

  2. Ditto with the aeoniums. Aren't they wonderful? The Bordelon banana looks to have long, tapered leaves - very intriguing. A wall of berries is a great idea for the "dead zone" between the neighbor's house.

  3. I love that you have a blackberry grove! WANT. I planted some thorn-less Burbank blackberries, hoping they would naturalize a little bit. (Because who's afraid of a thornless blackberry right?) Not enough sun where I tried that, unfortunately. But I should try again.

  4. Nice! I think we just got some cuttings of Aeonium undulatum from a friend's huge shrub. I've got a healthy aeonium collection :) They're so easy!


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