Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Bouquets for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

I'm a little disturbed it's already the 15th again. Regardless, driving past my house it would appear I have nothing in bloom. O contraire, there are several stubborn bloomers still going at it even with gloomy gray skies and near freezing temperatures awhile back. I decided to make a couple of bouquets for a change, to show you what is blooming in my garden.

yellow bouquet

In the first bouquet is Zantedeschia aethiopica/Calla Lily, Deppea splendens, Dicentra splendens, Helleborus argutifolius, Tanacetum parthenium aureum, and the flowers of a Graptoveria. Oh, and crammed in the back where you can't see them are Oxalis herrerae. I can't believe my Deppea splendens is still blooming. It just continues to pump out new buds. If you click on the photo it will take you to Flickr where I've tagged all the flowers in the photos, in case you want to match a flower to a name.

purple bouquet

This bouquet has Erigeron 'Wayne Roderick', Abutilon 'Nabob', Cuphea viscossisima, Gomphrena decumbens, Wahlenbergia 'Blue Cloud', and Liriope 'Silver Dragon'.

Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting! Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day! See you next year!


  1. Love the vase approach -- it makes December look so bountiful! That Deppea is, well, splendid. Good name for it.

  2. Beautiful bouquets. I like how you've identified the individual plants on Flickr.

  3. Beautiful! I had 'Grapes' Gomphrena for a while, but it died after last year's hard freezes. I need to replant, seeing yours.

  4. Your bouquets are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Very nicely staged, too!

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