Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, March 2011

The fruit trees we planted a few years ago are really putting on a show right now, which I hope will translate into lots of fruit this summer! The best lookers are the donut peach and the Blenheim apricot. The bees are out in force.

peach and apricotbee and apricotbee in peachbee and peach


Gotta do something about the aphids that appear on my hellebores about now. They've been getting them for a few years but it hasn't bothered me enough to get the spray bottle out. Hellebores are meant to be neglected right?

aphids on the hellebores

I'm loving this new Arctotis, curtesy of the Flora Grubb sale section; the Euphorbs are doing their thing in the parking strip; I forget the name of this Aloe, I think it might be a hybrid I picked up at the Ruth Bancroft Garden; I try to rip out the Geranium 'Bill Wallis' when I see it but I do like it combined with the Cal poppies right now.

arctotisparking stripunknown aloeca poppy and mr bill

I'm excited my Meyer lemon is putting out more flowers. Hopefully it is established enough now that I'll start getting lemons year-round now instead of just in winter. I let some leeks bloom and was surprised at the shape of the flowers - rather leek like! I need to bring in a bouquet of these yummy scented freesias.

buds and lemonslemon budsleek flowerfreesia

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


  1. Absolutely beautiful but my favourites are the donut peach and the Blenheim apricot.

  2. Wishing you lots of luscious fruit and more beautiful flowers!

  3. The first set of fruit tree photos are so luscious. Fetch me a spoon!

  4. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! I'm happy to report we have good fruit set. So now I just hope those little baby apricots hang on this year!


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