Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peeping Gardener - Rockridge Neighborhood in Oakland

There are so many gardens to photograph in this neighborhood. I'm only scratching the surface with these. There does seem to be a recurring theme in many gardens though - that of the little low wall. It's done in many styles and materials but always around 1-1.5' tall. My favorite was this simple concrete one.

mod low wall

all you need - succulents, concrete, and round stonesconcrete, arctostaphylos and gravel

This one sure would be better if they had stopped the plastic edging where the stone wall began. And Sedum spurium makes a cute trailer over another wall.

spanish mod walllow wall with succulents

Chunky is nice.

blocky low wall

And so is a nicely sliced slate wall.

slate wall

We found some nice paving.

parking strip pavingbrick paving

front yard patioecclectic patio and interesting plantings

And of course some lovely plantings.

grassy path

pretty streetspinks and greys

We thought this one looked like a howling bunny.

howling bunny

Some dramatic strappy-leaved plants:

black and bluevariegated agave

And even Rockridge has some ugly yards and messed up houses.

barena bit worn

And I'm not sure what to make of this place other than my assumption that they might have control issues.

god forbid there be any dirt in your garden

control freak with healthy roses

Oh well, each to his own. It keeps the neighborhood more interesting.


  1. In the control house, is that actually grass under the rose tree, or astro-turf?

  2. Lovely low wall plantings, pavings and dramatic plants-its so nice when people take the effort to beautify their yards. The "control issue" pics had me laughing!

  3. Wow too much beauty with the side by side gorgeous Phormium and variegated Agave. I could stare at those all day long.

    At the control house I wondered the same thing as Les, that has got to be fake grass!

  4. The concrete retaining wall is my favorite too. So very glad your camera accompanies you on these excursions!

  5. Les and Loree - yep, it's that faux grass that is gaining popularity. Wonder how that stuff is going to age...

  6. My favorite is that low concrete wall too! Creates the illusion of a contained party :) And that control issue one is classic... used to have a couple in my old neighborhood that loved that fake grass stuff. At least it kept the neighborhood pets off.


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