Friday, December 30, 2011

Far Out Flora Fling

Way back in the foggy days of summer I joined a gathering of plant geeks and freaks, hosted by Far Out Flora's Megan and Matti. It was excited to see their garden in person - a mostly succulent garden in San Francisco, about a block from Ocean Beach. Beautifully composed and well-tended, I love the bendy branches edging the beds, the pots nestled around and the combination of textures and colors.

bed edging

succulent beds

Some of the plant people; the hand-made palette table and some of Far Out Flora's excellent container specimens:

plant peepspallete tablekangaroo starebbq grill and succulents

Some of the succulent goodness:

texturesmore texturesfasciculated aeoniumoriginal wooly pocket

I love Megan and Matti's excellent eye for found object reuse:

radio flyer and succulentscollectionsskeletons and succulentsmystery object

groovy pots

planted tire rim

I really enjoyed my visit to Far Out Flora's wonderfully intricate garden. Thanks for hosting you two!


  1. Oh, that table, the kangaroos, the grill! -- so much frilly goodness! What a treasure box. How did you tear yourself away?

  2. It's even better than I thought it would be! So jealous of your visit...

  3. I love this playful garden and wish more people would adopt a similar attitude. What a treat for you to get to visit!

  4. And I bet their garden looks just about the same in January, with fuchsias still in bloom and succulents in their prime growing season. The line of 'roos is fabulous.

  5. So fun & so much to see. It is totally fitting that a garden by the ocean should have a surfboard in it!

  6. Whoa!!!! Just seeing this post for the first time now. Sadly, it doesn't look quite so good these days... I hacked the living daylights out of the Fuchsia 'Fanfare'... Awesome pics Kelly!!! Thanks for the post!

  7. Hey Megan - I kept trying to post this and tag you on Facebook but for some reason during that period, Facebook wasn't letting me post links. Didn't mean to keep it so secret!

  8. I hope they do this again next year. I want to go for sure! Matti and Megan's place is so awesome! Great photos!


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