Friday, February 17, 2012

Cornerstone Gardens, Sonoma

My family and I go out to Cornerstone every now and then and I was surprised to realize I had not ever done a post on the place before. Cornerstone consists of a large space divided into individual gardens designed by many amazing garden designers. There are also great stores, a restaraunt and event spaces at Cornerstone.

We always enjoy going for a bite to eat, a stroll through the gardens and taking a look through the wonderful retail spaces.

I've taken photos on several occasions over the years, some gardens have come and gone - which is great, there is always something new to see there. I'll try to provide as much information about the garden designers as I can but I'm afraid some I didn't get the name on.

One of my favorite gardens is Garden Play by Topher Delaney. Definitely an apt name.

blue courtyard

Garden Play by Topher Delaney

brich and blue backdrop

moveable rope ballsbalancing balls

Nearby is Rise by Planet Horticulture with takes the award for best use of corrugated drainpipe ever.

Rise by Planet Horticulturecorrugated tunnel
Rise by Planet HorticultureRise by Planet Horticulture

We always enjoy The Children's Garden by MIG.

kids garden pavilionkids garden hut

parker on bench

Children's Garden by MIG


I love the plantings in Transcendence by Delmar McComb and Peter Hanson.

Transcendence by Delmar McComb and Peter Hanson

great plantings in this garden

phlomis aurea with euphorbia blackbird

stone, gravel, grey plants

Scattered around are lots of sculptures, most of which I wish I could take home.

steel loopsBelow Above by Stephen GlassmanBelow Above by Stephen GlassmanBlue Tree by Claude Cormier

these are great.

steel ball


In the retail section sculptures/purchasable items abound as well.

cornerstone stores

Renewal by Gary Ratway and Mike Lucas

more stores

mosaic rocketartefact container

artefact back 40

love this

hey baby

Well, I'm running out of room so I think I'll post the rest of the gardens next time. More to come...


  1. This place looks amazing. I love shopping that includes great display gardens...and food. Makes for a great destination with family or out-of-town visitors.

  2. Thanks for the visit. I get glimpses from time to time. On my list if I ever make it back to the area.

  3. Thanks for posting about this! What a lovely, interesting place to visit. My husband and I keep thinking about our next visit to San Francisco but this looks like a great place to visit with our 2 1/2 year old (and I adore gardens and landscape architecture). What would you do?

  4. What a cool place -- we have nothing like that here in Austin. Cornerstone looks like a wonderful series of gardens in which to lose yourself and find some creative inspiration.

  5. Things have changed -- lots I don't recognize. Thanks for the reminder. I should check them out again when visiting for the upcoming SF garden show. Great place for your little guy to explore.

  6. Thanks so much for the posting today. I had seen the Play garden area on PBS some weeks ago. Your sculpture photos gave me some more ideas for my garden here on the shores of Lake Michigan. I have 15 original sculptures at the present, but am always looking for new ideas. Thanks so much.

  7. Thanks for the tour of these sensational gardens. I like them all and the blending of plants and artwork is quite amazing. David/:0)


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