Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Asheville Garden Bloggers Fling, Final Day, White Gate Inn

If I ever get back to Asheville, and I hope I do, I would like to stay at the White Gate Inn. The buildings are set into lush gardens that wind around the property creating lots of sitting areas and are full of interesting plants. The Inn is located in a beautiful neighborhood that invites strolling and further garden peeping. Plus, the Inn is supposedly haunted. Cool!



Nice details on that white gate:








And even before I read that the White Gate Inn was haunted, I totally felt the presence of something spooky in the greenhouse. Don't you see ghosts too? 




I'd personally stay out of the greenhouse at night...


  1. I'm totally with you on the greenhouse, I walked through the lower grounds at Bella Madrona just to make sure we weren't leaving anyone behind. Those mossy picket chairs under the trees had me spooked and I couldn't get back up the hill fast enough.

    1. Yep, you don't want to let those garden gnomes catch you out alone at night. One thing for sure, I could definitely feel the ghosts of parties past at Bella Madrona - the secrets those trees keep...

    2. Nice revisiting the Inn through your pictures. We were just in Asheville before Portland and tried to stay there, but it was booked. This eases the pain.

    3. Oh gawd, those chairs were so creepy... Made me think of rites involving sacrificial virgins, and stuff like that... they really gave me goosebumps... Would be nice to visit Asheville some time. Judging from your post, there are wonderful ones to see there too! One of these years... :)

  2. Is it a haunted greenhouse or an anthropologie catalog shoot? Hard to decide but it's beautiful.

  3. Now that you mention it, yes, the greenhouse was a bit eerie... looking at your pics brings it all back... Good times! As for the gnome forest at Bella Madrona - I'm glad I was down there a while before the sun set - but even then, I didn't want to stick around by myself!

  4. Eerie greenhouse. I regret that I didn't walk around back to see the rest of the gardens. I only saw the front and wasn't sure if it was private space in back or not.

    1. Andrea and I ended up (unknowingly) approaching the Inn from the backside. It was lovely and then kept expanding to larger areas as we neared the front. The creek up front was great but I think I actually preferred the smaller intimate spaces in the back.

  5. Thanks for sharing this--this is the one place I missed at Asheville. I think we walked around the front, but had to get on the road so there wasn't time to explore further. I may have left with some spooky dreams after seeing that greenhouse, though:). So many great memories of this Fling!

  6. What a charming place...interesting about the haunting! I love the moss dripping from the hanging planters. If I ever get to Ashville I was have to stay there.


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