Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 Garden Bloggers Fling - Old Germantown Gardens

By the time we got to Old Germantown Gardens I was hot and tired. And I'm afraid my photos reflect it. I've posted the least bleary looking ones. Old Germantown Gardens is an amazing place - an expansive garden, sloping away from the house, quite sunny at first and increasingly shady towards the borders. I naturally headed to the shadiest spot I could find as soon as we arrived. 




Eventually I emerged into the light, central garden space. The beds were bursting with profusions of color. I'm afraid the strong light was unflattering to my photos and I didn't linger in the heat long enough to get many decent photos. 



This tree caught my eye, or maybe I should say caught my nose. I could smell it's deliciously scented flowers throughout the garden and finally tracked the fragrance to the creamy blossoms of this fairly tall tree. The bees had obviously tracked it down too and its canopy was vibrating with hundreds of bees. I asked the owner the name of the tree and wrote it down but have misplaced my note somewhere. If anybody recognizes the tree let me know! 


To the side of the garden was the dry garden, even hotter, but full of well-drained-soil loving plants like Penstemons and Yuccas. I tend to like those scrappy, tough plants so I throughly enjoyed this section despite the heat. And the well-placed water fountain was a nice touch too. 



Just up the hill from the dry garden was a seating area with a fairly tropical feel. It was a nice contrast to the dryness below and quite refreshing. 


Closer to the house I found the greenhouse with lots of botanical treats inside. Some amazing old specimens looking fantastic against the clever, blue-walled backdrop. 




I'd love to visit Old Germantown Gardens again, preferably on a cooler day. I feel like there were so many lovelies I missed. Such a spectacular garden, I would have had so many more photos if the weather had been kinder. 


  1. Your shot from outside the greenhouse looking in is magical, and really you don't give yourself enough credit - you did this garden justice, great photos!

  2. I like that greenhouse shot too. I didn't see it from that perspective, and I didn't stop to look inside as I was intent on seeing the main garden. Now I wish I had.

  3. It was an amazing garden and your photos are taking me back to my walk through the many beautiful spaces.

  4. You captured the gardens so well; your photos are beautiful! Somehow I never made it to the greenhouse, so it is nice to see it in your pictures here. It's also fun to see pictures with people in them. I love that shot of the seated woman laughing. It totally embodies and conveys the fun people were having!

  5. I hung out in the shadier parts of this garden too -- in fact, I think snapped some photos alongside you in that greenhouse. Amazing to look back on that lushness now.

  6. What a splendid garden this was ! I think your photos turned out just fine considering the difficult conditions.

  7. Is the tree Heptacodium miconioides? In western Virginia it blooms in September, but the season for almost everything (except ripe tomatoes) starts earlier on the west coast.

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  9. Keep the balls rolling!! Nice posts you have given for us


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