Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meadow Creek House, Seattle

The first evening I was in Seattle for the Garden Blogger's Fling, I went to a local APLD meeting. The meeting was held at beautiful home with a fabulous garden. To reach the front door, one crosses over a reflecting pond with blown glass floating balls.

house entry

walkway detail with ballfront door

I love the huge corten steel section with a large window looking out onto the garden.

front windowpicture window

The corten continues into the house to beautiful effect.


On the back porch, the house has great concrete detailing, plantings and a view of the water.

stairs to back gardenback plantercrazy maples with passion vinethe view

The concrete stairs have a wonderful rhythm, as do the rusty sculptures sprinkled through the plantings.

stairsstairs and sculptures

At the bottom of the stairs a colorful meadow spreads out.

meadow flowersmeadowmeadow and sculpture

At the edge of the meadow a wide creek was running. I assumed it was a recirculating water feature but was told that it is spring-fed. Quite a bit of water!

spring fed creek

The plantings were lovely.

maple and rockpathway plantingbench and iris

woodland sculpturessilver planting

A cool bench.

handmade bench

I like the cute warning and the silly rabbit.

do not drink the water

smokey the rabbit

A lower seating area.

seating areacute table and chairsreflecting bowlreflecting bowl area

A very cool idea for edging a bed.

steel cylinders with plantings

The secret garden, which I didn't find until the second time around the garden.

steps with succulentssecret garden doorssecret garden runnelblue pots

According to what I was told, the architect of the house was enlisted to design the chicken coop. It certainly looked to be architect designed. The chickens seemed to enjoy the freedom of the garden though, popping into photos on occasion.

super mod chicken coop

chicken streak

Steel pergola and outdoor seating.

steel arbor

outdoor seating

Looking back up at the house from the garden.

looking back up at the house

I love the metal mesh curtain and stair perfection.

mesh curtainsteps back to house


  1. Now those are some stylish chickens.

  2. Wow! Not having been able to attend I had forgotten all about this event. I wish this house/garden would have been on the official fling, it looks fabulous! Might just have to incorporate that pipe planted with succulents idea into my garden. Thanks for the tour!

  3. Good grief, that place is stunning! I wish I had been able to get to Seattle early enough to see that place. I just love that style of house and garden.

  4. Artistic and stunningly planted. Good grief, I really wish I'd seen this place while I was there! You are skillful as always, Kelly, at homing in on beautiful vignettes.

  5. I remember taking my class to this garden a few years ago. It's certainly not for everybody, but you can take sections of it and learn/apply it.

  6. I have just one word for this : WAAAAAW !!!!!

  7. The garden is just incredible, every picture calls for "Wow!".

  8. a fascinating garden, great pictures good job
    un saludo

  9. There's a lot to love here. So many ideas!

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  12. what is the source for the steel pipes edging the garden bed?


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