Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Foliage Follow-Up

My first Foliage Follow-Up day, hosted by Pam Penick of Digging, follow up to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Luckily I try to cram as much interesting foliage as I can in my garden. Here is a sampling:

Aeonium undulatum

Aeonium undulatum

Ageratum corymbosum (purple), Aptenia cordifolia and Dymondia margaretae (foreground), Helleborus x sternii and Geranium maderense (background). Yes, a few flowers snuck into this photo but just ignore them, they're green anyway so they hardly count.

Ageratum corymbosa

Vitis 'Concord Seedless' new growth.

Grape leaf

Tanacetum parthenium aureum (chartreuse), Graptoveria sp., and Euphorbia characias 'Dwarf'
in my parking strip.

Parking strip foliage

Dianella 'Cassa Blue' one of my favorite plants right now. Using it in many client gardens. Tough, drought tolerant, can take sun or shade, everblue strappy foliage, blue flowers and blue berries and probably deer resistant to boot.

Dianella 'Cassa Blue'

And yesterday I ended with edible flowers so today I end with edible foliage - Mustard 'Ruby Streaks', a new favorite of mine. The foliage is great in the garden and tasty too!

Mustard 'Ruby Streaks'


  1. I absolutely love the combination of plants in your parking strip. The colors and textures of the foliage is terrific. I also have a couple dianellas--mine of the 'Baby Bliss' variety. So far mine provide a nice blue spikiness without the size of the NZ flaxes. Last year I found that the mealybugs loved them for a couple months. Have you had that problem with them?

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! I love your foliage combos, and I'm absolutely mad for aeonium, which you California gardeners keep tantalizing me with. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

  3. I think the aeoniums are so cool, but they have to be put in the greenhouse in the winter or live as annuals here in North Florida.

  4. James- I've never had mealybugs on the Dianella. But I can imagine how they would like them since I've seen many mealybugs on Phormiums.

    Pam- Lots of Aeoniums would work in pots if you are the "drag it into the house for the winter" kind of person. Little too high maintence for me, but a possiblility if you must have that Aeonium!

    Melody- I know so little of Florida. I just assume it is always warmer than here but I guess it isn't!

  5. aloha, wow, you have such interesting combinations of foliage plants...i am also in love with that black mustard, ruby streaks, i'll have to look that up, is it available at annies? you must love working there...i remember loving the yearly sales when i lived in guerneville...

    tks for visit my blog recently :)

  6. Noel- the black mustard is really cool. this was the first crop we grew at Annie's. We should have more this spring. But we don't ship to Hawaii-bummer! That is great you used to visit Annie's. What years were you coming to the nursery?

    I'll definitely be back to your blog for more doses of paradise!


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