Monday, February 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Just came across the Garden Bloogers Bloom Day posts happening today over at May Dreams Gardens and thought I'd join in.

Agapetes serpens, like little rubies hanging from the branch.

Agapetes serpens

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum, the hummingbirds are ecstatic.

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum

Aloe plicatilis peeping out.

Aloe plicatilis

Euphorbia characias 'Dwarf', enlivening my parking strip so well in spring. Common enough, but it is one of the most asked about plants in my garden.

euphorbia unfurling

Helleborus x sternii, a subtle but pretty Hellebore. And tough as nails.

Helleborus x sternii

Helleborus orientalis hybrids, mostly from seed selected by Wayne Roderick.

Helleborus orientalis

Lewisia 'Yellow Form', my faithful Lewisia, blooming its head off all spring. It's been happy for years in a crevice of a rock wall.

Lewisia 'Yellow Form'

Broccoli 'Pac Man', can't forget those edible flowers!

broccoli flower

Happy to be participating in my first Bloom Day. Looking forward to the next one!


  1. Yay for the edible flowers! My ribes was just planted, so I think I'm going to have to wait a year to see any flowers. Your ribes photo is making me impatient that I'll have to wait so long!

  2. aloha,

    wow, i love the close up and detail photos and what amazing color you have on display today, thanks for sharing this

  3. Hiya Floradora girl,

    What a pageful!
    Lovely clear images and to me (UK) such unusual flowers.
    To have a field of hellebores like that...
    One of these days.
    And the Agapetes (does it have a common name?) rubies are so delicious.
    Always thought I disliked Lewesia, but this one is startling.

  4. Beautiful show this bloom day. Edible blooms are wonderful, too. Happy Bloom Day.

  5. James-I planted my Ribes a few years ago and it is now up to the second story window and covered in blooms this year. Not to make you jealous or anything.
    Noel and NellJean-Thank you!
    joco-I do love my swath of hellebores; can't seem find a common name for Agapetes; and now why wouldn't you like Lewisias!? They're such cuties!

  6. Hope to see you in m ore BD posts. That Agapetes serpens and the Lewisa are so lovely. Thanks for the source links, too.

  7. Adriana- My first time growing Bbroccoli and I was expecting aphids but was happy that there were none. What time of year were you growing yours? I think it is easier to get aphids if you grow Broccoli in the summer. I planted mine in the fall and they grew all winter when the bug population is less active.


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