Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Foliage Follow Up March 2010

The first year I had a garden of my own I went berserk and planted anything and everything. It was quite spectacular the first summer with tons of color but come winter when everything was going dormant I was left with a very bare looking yard. I've since planted a base of evergreen foliage to look interesting year round. I'm constantly ripping bits out and planting anew but with my foliage base I don't have to worry about it looking empty.

Three prominent foliage players in my garden right now are Stipa arundinacea, Athanasia pinnata and Phlomis aurea. They seem like good pals now, arms throw over shoulders, jostling each other around.

Athanasia, Stipa, Phlomis

Athanasia pinnata

I tried Cabbage 'Filderkraut' this winter. So far no cabbage head but lovely foliage anyway!

Cabbage 'Filderkraut'

Here come my fig leaves. The woman across the street likes to collect the leaves for a wrap for her sore knees. I've yet to try it on achy joints. This one is big enough to keep a Ken doll modestly covered.

Fig leaf for a Ken doll

My Moon Carrot, or Seseli gummiferum, I've had for years. The stem is nearly 3' long and sprawling flat on the ground. I really want it to bloom so I can take a photograph of it. Every year my husband asks if we can take it out but I always plead for just one more year! I probably have it in too much shade.

Seseli gummiferum

And my Xeronema callistemon - someday it will bloom. But for it, I have infinite patience. For now, the foliage is good enough!

xeronema callistemon

Show off your foliage at Pam's lovely blog Digging.


  1. I just found your post, and it's a beauty---lots of great foliage here. Thanks for participating.

    If you care to leave the link to this post in a comment on my Foliage Follow-Up post, others will be able to find it too. I wouldn't want anyone to miss it!

  2. Pam, I tried 3 times to post over on Foliage Follow Up and it just wouldn't work. Can't figure out why. But I'll try again next month!


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