Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - June 2010

Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day! I'm loving my Encelia farinosa. The foliage (which I'll have up on Foliage Follow Up tomorrow) is a lovely silver. The flowers are on long stems and are very cheerful. Love the buds too.

encelia farinosaencelia farinosa bud

And a couple of my favorite flowers of all, because of what they will become:

fuzzy tomato flowertomato flower

I'm letting my Cilantro 'Confetti' bolt. It's almost impossible not to. I'm hoping it will just reseed around my garden and I'll always have some going. The beneficial insects are liking the sweet white flowers. I'm kind of liking them too.

cilantro 'confetti'bee on cilantro flower

Centaurea 'Black Gem' I'm growing because I like to put the petals into my salads. I planted a ton of Ugni mollinae last year. They make a nice hedge and produce a berry that reminds me of a cross between acai and blueberries.

centaurea, bug and bokehugni mollinae flowers

My Phormium 'Sea Jade' is blooming this year. I never realized before how much bees like Phormium flowers. The flower spikes are constantly swarming with bees climbing down into the tubes to get the nectar. This Lewisia that I stuck into a rock wall years ago, is finally blooming. Nice color, can't remember which variety it is though.

phormium flowerslewisia ?? finally blooming

I also planted a random unnamed succulent years ago in a pot and it has filled out nicely. This is the bloom. I'll include the leaves in Foliage Follow Up tomorrow. And I love this red Nasturtium. It smells lovely, but it is seriously taking over the back of my garden. It is generation 2 from a red flowered, dark foliaged variety we trialed last year. The one last year certainly was more compact. Oh well this nasturtium can go to town, more flowers for my salads! I wasn't really doing much with that space back there anyway.

a real nice succulent i don't know the name ofgen. 2 red nasturtium

I eradicated the Wahlenbergia from my parking strip a couple of years ago because it seemed a bit thugish. Now I'm wondering why. A couple of plants germinated (resprouted?) this year and it is just gorgeous. No irrigation, no problem. It is on the shaded side of my house. I think my full sun parking strip it wouldn't be as lush. Guess I'll keep it around a bit longer, until it outstays its welcome. The Dianella 'Cassa Blue' have been blooming for awhile now. I'm not sure if I like the bloom or not. It has a kind of messy, needs-to-be-deadheaded feel to it. The flowers are so airy, almost a bit too airy, like you'd be better off without them. Kinda cool close up though. Got some reblooming broccoli coming along. I need to harvest the first small heads and get the side shoots going.

wahlenbergia in parking stripdianella cassa blue flowersdianella cassa blue clbroccles

And I love the color of this bean flower, such a delicate salmon. And lastly not exactly a flower, but rather the result of - my donut peaches are almost ready.

cobra bean flowerdonut peach

Thanks to May Dreams Gardens for hosting! See you at Pam's tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful photos, Kelly. I feel the same way about dianella blooms but makes for a great closeup. And those "donut" peaches certainly look voluptuous!

  2. What pretty photos! and that peach looks delicious!! How lucky are you!

  3. Beautiful shots. Who knew the phormiums had such interesting flowers. They don't usually live long enough here to see them flower, they resent our muggy, humid summers and wet winters. I also enjoyed your foliage follow up, though jealous of your ability to grow those lush succulents.


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