Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Marion's Garden

A couple of weeks agao, Marion Brenner, the wonderful garden photographer, was kind enough to invite the Annie's crew over for a garden party.

Marion's garden reflects her own personality: lovely, elegant and interesting with no need to try too hard. Completly pretension free and welcoming. What a wonderful place to visit.

Upon entering the house I got a preview of the collection of text art/word art (not sure what the proper term is) -artwork that is text. It is one of my favorite art genres, especially when words are in the landscape. If done well they can evoke a very spiritual presence. Almost as if they were writ by the hand of God. Hmm...maybe I should do a post on my favorite words in landscape. But I digress. The first view of Marion's garden is capped by a wonderful neon piece by (insert artist's name here, clearly I forgot).

first view of gardenfountainpatiovery nice bean trellis
Isn't that a great structure for growing beans?

Nice plant collections too:
blue pots

variegated plant i love, but never can remember the name ofspireahenny pennyreseeding carex path

Charming chickens:
giving me the eye

Formality happily takes a backseat to a casual air:
lush hillside

carex divulsa

Lovely, romantic vignettes:

It was a pleasant afternoon- garden walks, art, and Marion's yummy handmade treats. I hope to go back soon!


  1. The plant you like but can't remember is Fallopia japonica 'Variegata'. Be careful where you put it, around here it has near-thug status. I keep mine in a pot on the front steps. Lovely photos of a lovely garden.

  2. a few years ago i was able to see her house, garden, and art collection at a 4th of july party. in all aspects of her life, she selects pure beauty. very charming, relaxed, and always with great amounts of class. both she, and her husband, have created a true treasure. i'm hoping i'll get another chance to see it all again. the inspiration is still with me.


  3. enjoyable tour .
    I've always admired Marions photography work, now I had a chance to enjoy her gardening work.



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