Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Foliage Follow Up - August 2010

A day late but hopefully not a buck short.

As usual, my foliage contributions are combinations of silver and gold. Gold Sedum x adolphii, hammered silver Geranium harveyi leaves, my new silver Gasteria and a combo I'm still mad about - Encelia farinosa and Stipa gigantea.

sdum adolphiidelicate geranium harveyinew gasteriai still love my encelia and stipa

A mystery Aloe I've had for years. It has small pink flowers. Anybody? Anybody?

aloe species

And this is my mystery Agave that I posted pictures of the flowers in the last Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. It is very grassy, not too prickly, quite silver although it is getting green because it is in too much shade from neighboring plants. Next is my 'Alphonse Karr' bamboo with Dicentra scandens trailing through, Amorphophallus konjac, a Voodoo Lily that puts up interesting leaves every year but no stinky flowers and lastly the lovely blue leek foliage, which I would grow even if it didn't give me something to eat.

unknown agavebambusa alphonse karr and dicentra scandensamorphophallus konjacleeks

I probably should water my sunny parking strip. The Cotyledon is looking a bit dehydrated. Plus it's been such a cold foggy summer my squash plants are all mildewy. I had to pull a couple of plants out that were too gross. But hey, silver and gold, even when I don't plan on it!

time to water the parking stripyuck

I do have some yummy things to harvest right now. I'll try to get some pics posted soon.


  1. Now the Christmas song "Silver and Gold" is playing in my mind! I like this combo too and should incorporate more gold, as I have a lot more silver. Sorry I can't ID your agave. It's very cute.

  2. Luscious images! I'm guessing your agave might be Agave ornithobroma?

  3. Pam - I can totally see some gold in your garden. It would contrast nicely with all the blue you have.

    Danger Garden - you're right! Agave ornithobroma. Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Kelly, what wonderful examples for the follow up foliage! I love your color selections and the quality shots! :-)

  5. Lovely plants with striking form and color. Glad you got the aloe ID

  6. Beautiful photos and descriptions, and I'm totally adding Geranium harveyi to my wish list!


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