Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fall from Grace

This is what greeted me when I got home today:

fallen ceanothus

We had a MONSTER rain storm today, heavy rain all day long, pretty windy too. It was just too much for my espaliered Ceanothus to handle. It's a bit top heavy and the weight of the water just pulled the whole thing over. This is what it looked like last week:

ceanothus and phormium

I'm thinking we can just prop it back up. The roots seem OK, just popped out of the ground a bit. The bees sure would be bummed to lose this shrub and the back of the house sure would look bare.


  1. oh no! Hopefully it can just be propped up a bit. I'm not sure how they like it when their roots are disturbed but for the most part they're pretty hardy right? Either way- it still sucks!

  2. Yikes! It looks beautiful, what type of Ceanothus is it? I'm also tremendously jealous of your gorgeous Phormium I remember the days we could grow those here in Oregon....

  3. I'm interested too. . . we have many small ceanothus planted on our campus that have that same cobalt blue flower. Can you tell us the
    species part of the name? Your entrance is lovely. So colorful!

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I wanted to email you in regards in any possible advertising opportunities you may have with your website...I would be very interested in working something out with you if you have anything at the moment. I'm looking to earn support for a national cause and get visibility for the "plant 1 billion trees". Let me know if you would be interested at all in supporting this cause. I look forward to talking to you soon!


  5. Carri - It appears to have just leaned over, pushing the rootball out. Hopefully no major roots are broken beneath the soil.

    Danger Garden & Anon. - It is a Ceanothus 'Concha' that I have espaliered along the wall. It really wants to be a big round shrub/small tree. I'm sure flattening it out has caused it to be unstable. Oh well, it is so pretty I'll keep propping it up, even though I'm not a fan on non-self-supporting plants.

    Anon. - You're welcome to send me some information.

  6. Danger Garden - Oh, I forgot to ask. So you used to be able to grow Phormium in Oregon and now you can't? Has it gotten colder?

  7. That was the sort of scene that greeted me when we returned from Christmas, only it was from snow. What couldn't be tied up had to be cut. I am jealous of your Ceanothus, as it is bad news here.


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