Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Red Sun, Venice Beach Version

Whenever I've visited relatives in Austin, Texas I would always stop by the Big Red Sun nursery for a fun afternoon. And I've always been curious to check out the Venice Beach, California location. We spent a couple of nights in Venice Beach recently so I got to the chance.

big red sun signbig red sun circle sculpture

I don't know if I caught it on a bad day or what but it seemed a bit lacking in plants and disorganized compared to the Austin location*. The outside was overstuffed with patio furniture, the inside displays needed fluffing up and I wasn't tempted to buy any of the handful of succulents they had for sale. It sounds like I'm giving it a horrible review, but hey, it's still a great place compared to the average nursery. It's just not as good as the Austin one. (*After writing this post, I was seriously bummed to hear that the Austin location is no more. Although I believe the garden design/build part of the business is still in operation.)

big red sun patiobig red sun rusty pots

big red sun store front

big red sun garden seat

big red sun bathroom sinkbig red sun cool bathroom

big red sun seating area

big red sun grouping


  1. Lots of gorgeous color in these pictures. I love that door surround especially. I'm sorry to hear it's not up to snuff. Even sorrier to tell you that the Austin location is no longer. It quietly shut its doors more than a year ago.

  2. NOOOO!!! I wonder what's going on then?

  3. I stopped by after the recent Venice garden tour, any my impression pretty much echoes yours. My possibly erroneous conclusion is that the design aspects of the biz are more lucrative than worrying about keeping and caring for nursery stock.

  4. Denise-I think you hit the nail on the head there. The person in the back was busy working (designing?) and didn't seem to have time to deal with customers, or know how to work a cash register for that matter.


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