Saturday, May 7, 2011

Legoland Landscape

Being a plant geek, I'm always interested to see how amusement parks use plant material. Legoland had some interesting garden details, and of course, some great Lego sculptures which I can't resist sharing!

My favorite landscape was the Safari ride which was full of soft grasses and beautiful succulents.

legoland safari ridelego giraffeslego ostrichlego flamingo

I must get a Lego zebra for my next garden installation!

lego zebra

lego rhino

lego crocodile

One of Parker's friends happened to be going to Legoland for Spring Break too so he was fortunate to have a partner in crime.

parker and takumasomeone get this raccoon off my head!

Some familiar scenes from home, plus I love how some of the plants are represented in miniature:

legoland san franciscopachypodium "palms"

embarcadero water sculpture

 haworthia "agaves"

painted ladies

The gardeners:

giants among gardeners

And some more amusing scenes:

lego marilyn with a few too many boobslego dino

But why does the George Washington on Mount Rushmore look like he's about to upchuck?

mount rushmore

taj mahal

For you Star Wars fans out there:

these are not the legos you're looking for

star wars bar scene

what were these animals called?

star wars log squasherewok village

star wars snow monster


  1. This is great. I had no idea legoland had models like these. I guess I should have guessed, but anyways they're really interesting. Makes me think I need to start making models and using legos for the architectural elements.

  2. We just got back from Legoland and really liked the grasses they used on some of their hillsides. Do you have any idea what the name of the grass might be on the hill in your first picture in this blog?

    1. Hi, That is a Festuca rubra "no-mow" lawn. You do have to cut it once or twice a year so it doesn't become patchy. It is a CA Native and uses less water than traditional lawn. And it looks pretty!


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