Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bellevue Botanical Garden and Olympic Sculpture Park

I really enjoyed the beautifully planted perennial garden at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. I feel like we must have hit it at the peak bloom time but maybe it is that lovely for much of the year!

nolina agastache lavandula

rusty plant supportsechinacea monarda gaillardiastipa gigantea wavephygelius kniphofia agapanthus

agastache, cotinus, lilium regale

eryngium achillea veronica

perennial garden2pinks

perennial beds

angelica stricta purpurea, alchemilla mollis, angelica stricta purpuea, alchemilla mollis

Uh oh! Shoo!


There were quiet parts to the garden too.

rock with hole


stone pillarsgolden robinia and seating area

Next we were off to the Olympic Sculpture Park near downtown Seattle. It was a warm sunny day and the park was filled with people enjoying the sun and sculptures and the amazing view!

great view

like boats

big boatsan edge

no touching

love the movement in this piece

down it goesclarkias

god's voice

field in the city

silver snagroof drain

This building recreated the forest understory with a huge fallen trunk acting as a nurse log to lots of sprouting plants.

nurse log building

nurse log building insidenurse log

This is a shot I got as we were driving down the highway. Mount Rainier, I think. I definitely would enjoy living in Seattle for all the wonderful views everywhere!

mount rainier


  1. Beautiful photos! I would be happy if the sunny areas of my garden looked half this good.

  2. I recall seeing something on PBS about that fallen tree trunk and thought it was fascinating.

  3. These look worth a visit--courtesy of your beautiful photos they are on the agenda for 2012.

  4. Beautiful photos. We have a sculpture garden nearby, but it doesn't share the same vistas as a background.

    Anyway, I actually stopped by your blog today to see if you might be interested in a couple of our forthcoming Wildflower books. Please drop me a line at for more information.

    Thank you,
    Jessica Pellien
    Assistant Director of Publicity
    Princeton University Press

  5. gorgeous! i love all the fabulous WA gardens...

  6. Several years ago I visited the Vigeland Sculpture Garden in Oslo and was greatly impressed. However, its setting was not nearly as interesting as that of the Olympic Sculpture Park.

    Your photos as top notch, especially of flora at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. Wow!

  7. I just need one word to explain the beauty of these pictures!! OUTSTANDING!!! :P Keep up the good work!!


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