Monday, October 10, 2011

Seattle - Back at it

Oh, hello. Remember me? Life just got a little crazy there for a bit and I couldn't seem to get a post up for awhile. I feel bad not finishing off my series of posts on the Garden Blogger's Fling in Seattle this summer. So I will continue with those and see if I can get back up to speed. So now I'm going to show you the gardens of Lorene Edwards Forkner, Kate Farley and the Seattle Chinese Gardens.

First stop of the day: Lorene Edwards Forkner's garden, author of Handmade Garden Projects so of course her garden was packed with cleverly reused items along with beautiful plantings.

reuse columnterrariumstipa giganteadecorations

mailbox plantingsgaryladderrusty chair

Also included was a very cute airstream trailer garden retreat.

garden trailermap wallpaper inside trailer


repurposed shovelsgarden decor

Next we were on to Kate Farley's garden. The beyond saturated corner of the garden got the most attention.

strong colorspurple and orange

I kind of preferred the quieter corners where one could discover little hidden details.

saxifrage baskethydrangea of some sortshadyboxwood icecream cones

rusty decor

blue hosta

I love that stumps and snags were left for birds to enjoy.

bird feedersnag

The garden shed/greenhouse was the coolest. Perfectly aged and rustic.


rustic shop

The collections of stones and construction remnants were beautifully put together.


bench and rocks

By the time we got to the last garden, I don't know if I was feeling sick from the heat or just wasn't inspired by the garden. I've always had a hard time enjoying the sanitary whiteness of chinese gardens. Here are the best vignettes I could come up with for the Seattle Chinese Gardens. The architecture has beautiful details but it was just too hot to enjoy all that reflective white hardscape.

chinese garden

shady walkpaving in chinese pavilion

I love how they cleverly screened the water catchment with bamboo.

bamboo around water tank

There were a few nice scenes outside of the Chinese Garden too.

berberis flames

carex pendula

bridge over gunnera

i want this sculpturesculpture close-up

birch and succulents


  1. Nice to have you, and your gorgeous photos, back. Hope it was a good crazy...

  2. Thanks Loree! Lots of work, so I can't complain!

  3. Hi There. I love your photos not only for their high quality but also for the subjects they depict.

    These gardens are beautiful and I like that miscellaneous inanimate objects (statues, etc.) have been incorporated right along the lush flora and fauna.


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