Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seattle - Retail Fun

A lot of the fun of going to Seattle was seeing great gardens and talking to all those wonderful fellow bloggers, but I also wanted to SHOP! Here are a few of my favorite places I was introduced to while visiting Seattle.

I got there early on the first day and met up with Andrea Fox, who suggested we go check out Theo Chocolate. We didn't get a tour of the factory but we got to taste LOTS of chocolate. They are very generous with their samples. My fav was the curry-coconut chocolate bar. It's got so much curry, the inside of the wrapper turns yellow.

theo chocolate samples

theo chocolate

Down the street, we got a delicious lunch at Homegrown and did some shopping at bitters co, where I got an amazingly-scented container made out of cinnamon bark that I keep the sugar for my coffee in. They had some really cool cork products too.


Later that night we enjoyed a meal at Oddfellows with Katie Elzer-Peters. It was yummy. Afterwards, I managed to settle on a couple of books from Elliot Bay Books. I could've spent a small fortune in this excellently stocked bookstore. The art section was amazing. And then we topped it all off with some to-die-for ice cream at Molly Moon's. Evenings don't get much better than that.

The night of our first tour day we were wined and dined at Ravenna Gardens, a beautifully done nursery and gift shop. They've got an awesome merchandiser, everything looked wonderful.

purple merchandisinglime and aqua merchandising

tillandsia merchandisingtillandsias in chicken feeder

brown and orange merchandisingrietveld-ish chair

I believe they also design the plantings at the mall where the store is located. People, you don't see mall plantings like this everyday. I was blown away. Kudos to the mall management for stepping out of the box and going beyond horrible old mall plantings.

nice textures at mall plantings

love the miscanthus morning light and black mondo

great container with begonia boliviensis, heuchera, and lysimachia aureanice layering in shady bed

lovely bed at the mall

aqua pot with purple-pinkred pot and variegated vine

nice suble colors and textures

Andrea and I were taken with this gigantic Heuchera. One leaf was larger than both of Andrea's hands!

andrea and the giant heuchera

giant heuchera leaves

Next up is Dragonfly Farms Nursery on Bainbridge Island, who hosted our last-evening party. I hate to put them at the end of the post. I feel like they deserve a post of their own. The nursery is certainly worth the trip alone out to the island. They have great plants. I found one plant that I had been looking for for years. And the demonstration gardens! Oh my goodness! Well, have a look for yourself:

i love this nurseryrust and goldpoppies in late july!richness

purple forests

dragonfly bench

dragonfly demo gardens

industrial sculptureslurkingtemplelighting

asphodeline luteusallium seedheads

Somebody please tell me what this plant is!

what is thisaralia of some sort

succulent dishes

I unfortunately had to leave early to catch a plane. It was torture having to run through this nursery quickly and not get to investigate every little detail! I'm so glad I got to visit though and I can't wait to get back!

new plant friends


  1. I've really enjoyed your late posts, as a reminder of the fun I had at the Fling. Also, you've given me some good ideas for interesting places to go in Seattle, next time I go into town.

  2. LET'S GO BACK!!! what a great trip, i really enjoyed hanging out with you kelly! now that things are slowing down in the garden world, maybe i'll be better about keeping up in blog land... so sorry to be late to your party! do you have an email subscribe button? i need it!

    as always - great captures of those pretty spaces. your eye for detail (and timing - whoa chicken!) is impeccable.

  3. That big plant in the keg definitely looks similar to a Tetrapanax which is in the Aralia family. The leaves aren't quite right but perhaps some close relation.

    Looks like you got to see some cool gardens!

  4. The big leafed plant is Schefflera Macrophylla :)


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