Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fruit and Veggie Finale - June 2010

can you say anthocyanins

Can you say anthocyanins? My blackberry vines went crazy this year. I've gotten about 7lbs off them so far. I can see the end coming but I've enjoyed these two glorious weeks of juicy berries. Now I'm starting to get some purple 'Royalty' beans. They are so beautiful!

marionberry flowerbig ol' marionberry

I planted a 'Heritage' raspberry plant late last year and got a few berries off of it recently. Looking forward to having a nice crop in the next year or two. My Fragaria vesca is pumping out the strawberries right now. They're tiny but oh so sweet! Those are my son's favorite though, so I don't get very many.

itty bitty raspberryfragaria vesca

My crop of blackberries became so noticeable to the birds that I had to net them. It was actually pretty easy since the area is only 2 1/2 feet wide and between two garages. We just strung the netting over and down the sides. Any berries that were within a couple of inches of the net definitely got pecked clean though. Now I'm just waiting for my blueberries to ripen!

blackberry nettingunblueberries


  1. beautiful post, the berries look so perfect and lovely!

  2. My blueberries beat your blueberries! ;-)


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