Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 1 of GWA Dallas Garden Tours, Garden on Turtle Creek and the Pump House Garden

At our last destination for the day, the adjoining Pump House Garden and Garden on Turtle Creek were both spare and minimal. I headed over to Turtle Creek first since it seemed less crowded. The front hillside bunker plantings had me a bit confused as I approached. Not sure exactly where to go, or what I was approaching, I still enjoyed the stone terraces for their massiveness and weight. I also really appreciated the well placed paths throughout the garden, as well as the contrast between the rigid industrial hardscape materials and the loose, wild native creek plantings. I love a garden that can create a dynamic tension between man and nature. The Garden on Turtle Creek did just that.

Garden on Turtle Creek house

Garden on Turtle Creek substantial stoneGarden on Turtle Creek treaded steel pathwayGarden on Turtle Creek treaded steel pathGarden on Turtle Creek nice angles

Garden on Turtle Creek volume dividedGarden on Turtle Creek wonder who the architect isGarden on Turtle Creek floating stairsGarden on Turtle Creek over the fountain

Garden on Turtle Creek the bridge

Garden on Turtle Creek fountains edge

Then over at the Pump House garden I was totally falling for the reclaimed building turned garden space (where can I pick up an abandoned building for my backyard??) when my camera battery died. Grrr... So I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked. I'm a big fan of decay in the garden so I was loving the broken concrete, rust and peeling paint, especially when paired with the soft sensuous youthful hillocks of grass nearby. Age and youth. Decay and regrowth. Another excellent example of dynamic tension in the garden.

Pump House Garden cool doorwayPump House Garden lovely waterfall

Pump House Garden grassy hillocks

Pump House Garden sautillo tile slope

Pump House Garden the cornersPump House Garden pumphouse paving


  1. The Pump House photo of the pour-off with the industrial light gets my vote for a space I'd like to explore. The bunker looks right out of The Time Machine, where behind those doors the Morlocks herded the Eloi. Such amazing gardens in Dallas.

  2. Though I wouldn't garden like this at home, this place looks like one I would want to visit. I like the choice of materials especially the walkways that don't scream walkway.

  3. Wow both gardens look like they would be fabulous to visit. If I ever find myself in Dallas...

  4. Very interesting designs, though I am not sure how I feel about all that raw concrete...

  5. I love the decay in the concrete wall... very inspiring post, thanks!

  6. Denise & Danger-I was totally surprised and impressed by the quality and variety of gardens in Dallas.
    Les-I love minimal gardens but I know I would quickly muck them up with a ton of plants if they were my garden!
    College Gardener & Dirty Girl Gardening-I love the old concrete. I'm a big fan of urbanite!


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