Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 1 of GWA Dallas Garden Tours, Wolford Garden and Hegi Garden

The next gardens our tour bus headed for were the Wolford Garden and the Hegi Garden. The Wolford Garden struck me as a touch pretentious at times, but had some really great hardscape details and interesting atypical plantings for the Dallas area. Very reminiscent of a high-end Balinese hotel with tropical plants, an exotic looking pool and plush outdoor living spaces. No doubt about it, I bet this is a great party house!

Wolford garden house and fountain

Wolford garden runnelWolford garden stairwayWolford garden outdoor livingWolford garden waterfall koi

Wolford garden minibridgeWolford garden poolWolford garden tossed asideWolford garden tile roof material

Wolford garden driveway

Wolford garden garage

The Hegi garden was a bit more introspective with woodland walks and a solemn cavernous outdoor room. Possibly a bit more mosquito prone, since the garden was edged with a boggy creek, but with a feeling of just having discovered some long lost remnant of native woodland.

Hegi Garden pondHegi Garden waterfall and bridge

Hegi Garden site appropriate seating

Hegi Garden woodland gardenHegi Garden woodland walk

Hegi Garden inside the grotto

Hegi Garden grotto windowHegi Garden inset with geodes


  1. Your characterization is spot-on - the first garden really does look like the grounds of a luxury resort.

  2. Adriana - and don't forget rugs for the cars! Can't have their tires get chilly on the cold concrete!

  3. That garage photo struck me as totally Dallas. But I do like the Balinese-style hardscaping with the stone and wooden paths with rope handrails. The amethyst on display was interesting, if a tad over the top.


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