Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 2 of GWA Dallas Garden Tours, Tudor Garden and Eclectic Garden

Man it was hard to photograph this garden! I think 3 busloads of folks were crammed into this garden at once. Hard to see, yet its charms were unmistakable. A lovely collection of little rooms, very well-detailed and well-planted with a good eye for unusual plants. I would have loved to have spent the afternoon with the gardener, enjoying tea and biscuits outside.

rounded stepssweet benchrhus cultivar, forget the namegreat fencing

datura bench

zinnias, coleus, bachelors buttons

beautifully detailed driveway and garage doorsfun brick pathway

charming plantings

The next garden was probably my favorite on the whole tour. Although, I'm realizing the garden itself wasn't that interesting, but the things that were in it were. The gates, furniture, buildings, all were strange and handmade and infinitely detailed pieces of artwork. I'm so glad I went inside the house which had the feel of being abandoned for several years (or else had just become one with the outside.) I love exploring environments in which the creator has used recycled objects in fascinating ways - intricate stonework, oddly remade furniture, weird collections. Obviously the owner is an obsessive "maker" and I could have explored the details of this garden for hours. I bet they would be hecka fun to go scour junkyards with!

lovely gate

doggie shadow

so much work everywheretexas outdoor livingwright lookingloma

the ballflower bowlpizza ovenoutdoor shower

great hangout spot

insidelaundry roomnicheducks

relaxing under the willowpoolfencecontainer plants

tweet tweetbirdbathfence scenefire pit

ecclectic assortment

hunks of icedouble walled stock tank


  1. The last garden looks like Bellamy's, and you've got some wonderful photos of lots I haven't seen. The tank within a tank fountain is begging to be duplicated -- so many great ideas. Love the slag glass.

  2. Denise- I thought that double stock tank was such a GREAT idea. And the slag glass totally looks like chunks of arctic ice to me. Very cooling visually.

  3. Kelly,

    The first garden is the Rister/Armstrong garden and the second is the Bellamy garden. I loved both of these gardens! So much unique detail!


  4. I have been enjoying your Dallas tour, and I especially liked the second garden in this post. I kind of garden with found objects as well and have always liked a garden among "ruins".


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