Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 1 of GWA Dallas Garden Tours, Green Garden and Hobbit House

OK, I'll be frank - I take a lot of pictures. Especially of gardens. I develop an understanding of the garden through my lens. It makes me zero in on a detail, focus on a view on simplify the structure into a pattern I can understand and learn from. Anyway, I end up with a lot of photos because I don't want to miss anything from a garden that I'm allowed into. I have this one chance to absorb it all. It was particularly challenging to photograph the gardens on the GWA tours. We only had 30 minutes or so at each garden and there were A LOT of folks trying to see it at the same time. It was actually kind of comical, jostling with everyone for a good shot. Luckily, everyone I was with seemed to be in a good humor about it all. So my photos may have a random foot in the corner of the frame or be a bit blurry as a tried to get that last shot before the bus left without me. But I had a great time and absorbed a lot through my lens.

I'm going to break the gardens up into two per post because as I said, I took a lot of photos. The first two gardens are the Green Garden and the Hobbit House.

I loved the structure of the Green Garden. Of an Italianate style, broken into several rooms, with boxwood hedges and formal hardscape.

Green Garden houseGreen Garden back gateGreen Garden vitex and chairsGreen Garden greens

Green Garden bench

Green Garden garage doorGreen Garden wishing wellGreen Garden house and poolGreen Garden circular paving

Green Garden parterre

Green Garden side gate

Green Garden driveway

And possibly the exact opposite of gardens - The Hobbit House: totally informal, wild and with no straight lines.

hobbit house drawbridgehobbit househobbit house back doorhobbit house garage

hobbit house stonework

hobbit house rock wall

hobbit house cisternhobbit house greenhousehobbit house greenhouse wallshobbit house greenhouse windows

hobbit house greenhouse table

hobbit house driveway

hobbit house mailbox


  1. Wonderful photos! So great to see how we all capture totally different images of the same place - yours are beautiful.

  2. Great photos! I especially like the table with tree trunk stools. The basket with succulents is a nice touch.

  3. A blogger that takes lots of great photos? I think I can handle it. These two gardens just about sum up the forces that pull my garden-making energy into opposite directions, the classical versus personal idiosyncratic. I love them both!

  4. I think I prefer the Hobbit House, especially the greenhouse (do they need that in Dallas?) with its occasional piece of stained glass.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    Les- we even have greenhouses here, which seems a bit silly to you I bet!

  6. I'm in love with the Hobbit House! That toadstool table and stools on the tiny circular patio is a perfect touch, and the craftsmanship of the stonework of the walls and greenhouse piers is incredible.

  7. I really liked this treehouse. Its beautiful amazing

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