Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 2 of GWA Dallas Garden Tours, School Garden and Japanese/Memory Garden

Forgive me for not having the proper names of the gardens of Day 2. I've lost my handout with the garden descriptions that we were given on the bus. Someone please let me know the names!

The first stop for my bus on Day 2 was a school garden. It was very charming and a great outdoor lab for classes. One of the parents was showing off her kid's nature notebook, complete with drawings and all sorts of insights. I could imagine this as an excellent precursor to the detailed notebook of a future gardener.

school garden planting rows

school garden great walk from class to class

school garden okraschool garden nature notebook

school garden wildscape

school garden garlic chives

school garden eggplant

The next garden had a split personality disorder. Near the house was a beautifully detailed Japanese garden complete with tea house and koi pond. Beyond that was the "outsider art" or "visionary environment" garden with collections and sculptures made from very modest materials. Kind of nice to be able to go out into one's garden and choose between such different spaces.

japanese garden entrance

japanese garden teahouse

japanese garden teahouse and koijapanese garden ancient wisteria

japanese garden bottle treejapanese garden bottle towerjapanese garden angel shrinejapanese garden revolving door

japanese garden watering cans

japanese garden tree swingsjapanese garden bamboo grove


  1. Hi Kelly,
    These were the Stonewall Jackson Elementary School garden and David Gibson's garden.


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